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Pair of black swans taken to shelter after being found on Balboa Island

Two black swans found on Balboa Island were taken to a shelter Monday, authorities said.

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A pedestrian walking a dog reported the birds to Newport Beach Animal Control, according to Newport Beach police spokeswoman Heather Rangel

Advertisement > The swans, which aren’t native to the area, were transfered to the Wetlands & Wildlife Care Center in Huntington Beach while officials tried to figure out where they came from, said the center’s wildlife manager, Lisa Perrone

“We are guessing they either escaped from someplace or were dumped,” the center wrote on Facebook, describing the birds as “tame.” “Please share to help locate a possible owner.”

The birds, which are not tagged, will remain at the shelter until they are reconnected with their owner, police said

In the United States, these types of birds are usually owned by collectors, Perrone said

The city of Newport Beach requires a permit to keep wild animals


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