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Someone stole a Mobile Screening Unit

HOURS after being reported as stolen from the Port of Spain General Hospital, the Mobile Screening Clinic, was recovered by officers of the Stolen Vehicle Squad (SVS).


The Mobile Screening Clinic, which was stolen from the hospital at 5:17am on Thursday  and reported to police around 10:20am was recovered three hours later at 1:30pm, due to intelligence gathering and surveillance done by SVS officers.

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The keys to the vehicle were reportedly given to a man, carrying what appeared to be a North West Regional Health Authority (NWRHA) Employee ID card, by a security guard employed at the hospital.

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The security guard later learned that the man purporting to be a NWRHA employee, was not authorised to have access to or move the vehicle.

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SUBSCRIBE/ LOG IN A report was subsequently made and resulted in the vehicle being discovered off St. Lucien Road, Diego Martin, in the vicinity of Gopaul Park. The intact vehicle was conveyed to the Stolen Vehicles Compound, Sea Lots.

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