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Forensic evidence links alleged RIU rapist to St Elizabeth crimes

Melville Harris, Gleaner Writer

Former RIU entertainment coordinator 24-year-old Demar Scott is to be charged in connection with a 2012 rape, burglary and robbery in Balaclava, St Elizabeth.

Acting head of the St Elizabeth Police Deputy Superintendent Leroy Minott said Scott who is now in their custody has been linked to the 2012 incident in Balaclava through forensic science.

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“He will be interviewed shortly and then formally charged in the matter,” Minott  told a St Elizabeth Municipal Corporation meeting on Thursday

Last week, Scott was charged by the St James Police with two counts of rape, illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition, assault and grievous sexual assault

He is alleged to have raped two tourists at the RIU Reggae Hotel on September 27

Meanwhile, the Manchester police also want Scott to face a series of identification parades in relation to six rape cases in Mandeville last year

From as far back as March 2 this year, Scott had been listed as a person of interest on the Manchester Police Facebook page

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