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Students get classroom makeover thanks to ICBL

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Students get classroom makeover thanks to ICBL Fri, 09/14/2018 – 12:00am THE Class 3 students of St Mark’s Primary School, Blades Hill, St Philip were pleasantly surprised when they returned to school on Monday to find their classroom had a new look, thanks to the Insurance Corporation Barbados Limited (ICBL).

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According to their teacher, Samantha Williams, the students were smiling brightly when they walked into the classroom to commence the 2018-2019 school year and saw that the walls were freshly painted, a backsplash was installed, and a new cupboard was in place, thanks to the project funded by the insurance company.

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The work was done over the summer vacation

“It was a pleasant surprise. Yes, I knew it was happening, but I didn’t know the colours that they would have used. And so it has brightened up the place and it makes me feel good to be in the classroom as a teacher.

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The students were surprised because I didn’t tell them in case it didn’t happen…Plus this is newest classroom on the block when compared to the other classrooms,” Williams said.

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The teacher, who was especially pleased with her new cupboard, said that while ICBL has promised to keep working with the school, she is hoping that “it is a promise that is kept.

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ICBL is the first corporate business that has shown this type of interest in the school. Other businesses have donated stuff for graduations, but ICBL took it to a whole other level and they have promised to keep helping the school,” Williams said.

ICBL also donated lunch bags to the students. (AH)

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