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Bolivia Launches 9th Scientific Olympics, 10-Year-Old Boy Builds Piano Playing Robotic Hand

Diego Condori has a recommendation to children and young people, he tells them “you may be what you want, the important thing is that you study.”

Diego Condori, a 10-year-old Bolivian prodigy, will travel from the southern city of Sucre to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) headquarters in the United States. Condori built a piano-playing robot hand with 4 motors and 8 fingers.

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Condori has already decided, that when he grows up, he wants to pursue a career in the field of mechatronics. The young techie applied for a scholarship NASA, under the category of Academic Achievement

The Bolivian Government , led by President Evo Morales , launched the ninth edition of the Scientific Olympics, that in those years have grown from 54,000 participants to over 407,000, according to Minister of Education Roberto Aguilar. Vice President Alvaro Garcia Linera was charged with launching this edition of the Scientific Olympics

Diego Condori took time to give advice to children and young people, “you may be what you want, the important thing is that you study.”

The important scientific event is aimed at consolidating and promoting science in order to contribute to the technological development of Bolivia

The education minister recounted when President Evo Morales issued a challenge to organize a student Olympics, saying that a solid industry is needed in all areas and, therefore, knowledge, science and technological development, as well as well-trained professionals are paramount for the development of the South American Andean country


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