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Ownership of Menudo trademark resolved in Miami court

Ah, Menudo, the prefabricated Latin pop boy group that, most famously, gave rise to Ricky Martin in the 1980s.

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What would popular music be without the five cheeky youngsters who first conquered the Latino market upon formation in 1977 in Puerto Rico? They were put together by a producer named Edgardo Diaz, a blueprint that would pay off big in the English-language market nearly 20 years later with the Orlando formation of the Backstreet Boys and ‘NSync by the late Lou Pearlman.

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Latin America and North America — Menudo plotted world domination and began recording in English with the 1984 album, “Reaching Out,” when Menudo‘s first breakout star, future Latin Songwriter Hall of Fame inductee Robi Draco Rosa, was in the quintet — hasn’t had a Menudo since 2009.

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