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Is it worth it?

With the recent passing away of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade due to suicide, depression and other mental health issues have been trending on social media.

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If there was anything positive to come from such unfortunate circumstances, it would be the lessening of the stigma, even if it may only be temporary.

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Many people posted on their timelines asking for those who suffer in silence to speak up, but are we really ready to listen? Are we a safe space free of judgment? Have we educated ourselves enough to handle such a conversation? Do we fully understand depression and other forms of mental illnesses?

Are we able to read the conversation, under the conversation? When our children come home with problems, do we brush them off as childhood nonsense because our adult world is so much harder and they would one day learn to appreciate the tiny problems they have now?

This week a local school joined in with many other international bodies to say that children are under far too much pressure. How many parents are really listening to the numerous calls by experts?

August vacation is approaching, how many parents will enrol their children in even more school and more structure? Who will dare to ditch the books and allow their children to play, get dirty and explore?

Are we prepared to ditch the rat race for the sake of our children’s mental health, heck, for the sake of our own sanity? Is the competition really worth it?

Does it really matter if your child is a genius but commits suicide before age thirteen, or grows up living a life of misery? Does it really matter if we are not able to purchase that second luxury car if we spend all our money on therapy and meds?

I often hear people talk about needing a vacation, permit me to leave you with this question-Is it possible to create a life from which we do not constantly feel the need to get away from?

Marsha Riley


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