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Bolsonaro recovering from pneumonia, thanks Brazilians for their prayers and ministers for helping lead the country

The Brazilian president is a prolific user of social media, where he conducted large portions of his successful presidential campaign last year Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has beaten fever caused by pneumonia after his abdominal surgery two weeks ago, his hospital said on Saturday. The president, 63, “has no fever and has made good clinical and post-operative progress,” Albert Einstein Jewish Hospital in Sao Paulo said in its daily update.

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 His lung trouble has improved, and his lab test results show encouraging signs.“

Since Jan 28, Bolsonaro has been in semi-intensive care in Sao Paulo following a procedure to remove his colostomy bag and reconnect the bowel

He underwent an operation on January 28 to reconnect his bowel so he could resume natural waste evacuation. It was Bolsonaro‘s third operation since a man attacked him with a knife on the campaign trail

The former army captain is a prolific user of social media, where he conducted large portions of his successful presidential campaign last year

”I truly want to say thanks for the prayers of the majority of Brazilians,“ he said on Twitter

”If it had not been for them, and for the skill of the experts who have helped me, in three surgeries over five months, I would not be alive.“

Though he had hoped to leave hospital last Wednesday, fever and other issues caused a delay. However, he is now able to eat soft foods again, in addition to liquids

Officially, Bolsonaro has continued to run the country from his hospital bed

Bolsonaro in a video message said investigations into the stabbing attack when he was campaigning should be concluded in the next few weeks by the federal police

Dressed in his blue hospital garment with a food tray in front of him, Bolsonaro said the stabbing by Adelio Bispo politically motivated, referring to his attacker’s past affiliation with the Socialist and Liberty Party PSOL

“We would like the federal police to point out who was responsible for ordering Adelio to commit that crime last September,” Bolsonaro said. “This terrorist act committed by a former PSOL member can’t be unpunished.”

However the latest reports from the federal police suggested Bispo acted alone. The attacker said he had political and religious motivations

Bolsonaro also thanked the ministers who are helping him to lead the country ”in a very convincing way.” This is the first time the newly sworn-in president spoke in a video broadcast since Jan. 28



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