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‘I felt like I was being buried alive’

BUS crash survivor victim Carla Rambally has begun to remember the bizarre and frightening details of her near-death experience. The mother of three says every time she closes her eyes it feels like a nightmare she cannot wake up from.

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Rambally told the Express, “I felt like I was being buried alive. I could not move. I felt trapped. I did not know what was going on. I could feel pain all over my body and hear the sirens of the police vehicles.”

Rambally was badly injured when a Public Transport Service Corporation (PTSC) bus ploughed into her home in Cashew Gardens, Chaguanas while she slept. Her two-bedroom house was destroyed by the bus being driven by a man charged with stealing the vehicle from PTSC’s Chaguanas terminal on November 19. The driver, who faces 16 criminal offences, has been sent to the St Ann’s Hospital for evaluation.

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Minister of Works and Transport Rohan Sinanan has intervened in the matter. He told the Express on Thursday that he will find out from PTSC where it has reached in its investigation.

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SUBSCRIBE/ LOG IN Sinanan said, “The last report that I had was that they were consulting with their insurance providers to see what coverage they would have.” Rambally has been recovering at the home of her in-laws who live close by. She says she has slowly begun gaining her strength but says her body is racked with pain which makes moving around painful.

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When the Express visited Rambally she even tried to smile but says the cut to her mouth makes it difficult for her to talk. Grateful to be alive, Rambally says she is glad her family is safe.

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