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Dinanath, Ali prevail at Charity Golf

The tournament was held over. a three-day period with the first. day titled “Bmobile classics”. Azar. noted that it is never easy hosting a. tournament of this magnitude and. said it was necessary to commend. Bmobile for taking up the responsibility. and contributing to the charitable. cause.

Onica Blackman, Enterprise. Marketing and Communications. Manager, TSTT, Tobago Operations. said, “It is really a joy for us to. partner with Mr Azar and his team. on this initiative. They put a lot into. ensuring that this tournament is a. success. We value sports hugely as. an organisation, as we understand. the benefits that redound to adults,. youth and children alike.”. Winning the Bmobile classics. were Ornesh Dinanath and Dr Ivan. Ali; while second place went to the. team of Mani Seepersad and Sanjuan. Ragdeo, and third place, the. team of Steve Waldron and Davidson. Quashie.

Tobago House of Assembly. (THA) Chief Secretary, Kelvin. Charles, highlighted how important. it is for the more privileged in. a society to step forward and contribute. to the lives of the less fortunate.

Charles noted that he was previously. involved in charitable causes. during his tenure as Presiding Officer. and therefore it was easy to continue. supporting this initiative as. current Chief Secretary, as persons. and groups in the Tobago space. will benefit from the proceeds.

An elated Azar was clearly. overwhelmed by the support that. the tournament garnered. He expressed,. “I’m very happy. It turned. out fantastic. It is the biggest ever.

Everyone is happy. I’m overwhelmed.”. Businessman Azar noted that he. stages the event purely for charity,. as a way of giving back to the Tobago. community. However, he would. also like to see the game of golf. grow more in Tobago, especially. among the youth.

Charities that have benefitted. from this particular tournament. in the past include Infinity Home,. Nicare Home for the Aged, St Vincent. de Paul and the Mt St George. Methodist Church.

The 12 juniors in the competition. competed for medals and trophies.

Shane Telesford came in third with. Adam Rambaran second. However,. it was Krystal Kent who edged past. her peers to emerge as the Junior. Champion at the Chief Secretary’s. Charity Golf Tournament.

Emerging as winners in the Amateur. category was the team of Onjay. James and Daniel Boodram,. who were awarded with Bmobile. hampers containing Galaxy S7. phones. Seventeen-year-old James,. who has been playing golf from. the age of two years, described. the tournament as challenging at. times, however, he believed that it. was communication with his partner. that allowed them to capture. the first place.

In second place was the team of. Fabien Kublalsingh and Suresh Jagessar,. while third place was copped. by Kervile Cowie and Jonathan. Mitchell, who also received Bmobile. hampers.

This year’s Chief Secretary’s. Charity Golf Tournament saw new. faces emerging as winners in the. Professional (Pros) category. Bethel. resident Chris Mc Millan emerged. as the Pro of the Tournament. Mc. Millan, who has been golfing for. the last 15 years, said, “It feels good. to win. I was expected to win by. my colleagues and myself. I have. been a pro for the last six years but I. enjoy teaching rather than playing.”. Kenny Sardinha from Scarborough. copped second place, followed. by Lennox Kirton. Sardinha,. who has been playing the sport. since 2007, turned pro in 2015.

“I am pretty excited. It was a. good run that I had. I look forward. to playing next year”, said Sardinha.

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